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P6 other activities 12th January

It's the Tuesday activity and this one is going to be mega cool!!!


You have to find out a little bit about your teachers!!!! Now we all know Mr Coetzee is really old but did you know this ... he was born in South Africa!!!!


Your mission is to find out as much as you can about South Africa - so that when we all get back to school we can give him a test to see how much he knows about the country in which he was born!!!!


It might be a good idea to record information based on some of the following... What is the National Fleg, sorry flag?! How many people live there? What does the national anthem sound like? Who is the boss of the country? Are they any good at sport? Do they have a national airline? What sort of money do they use? How far away is it? What sort of animals live there? What is the weather like and ... do they miss Mr Coetzee?!!!!


Feel free to write down your answers or maybe draw pictures based on the answers in the form of a mini project. Take a photo of your project and send it to your teacher.


Or... complete the same sort of project researching the same questions based on Mr Massey who was born in New Zealand!!!! And we won't forget Mrs Bell so if you want to find out more about Northern Ireland you can certainly research our wee country so that each of the P6 teachers can all be quizzed!!! Although I think Mrs Bell just fell from heaven!!!