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P6 other activities 14th January

Now most people would say I always have my head in the clouds but for today's activity I would like you to have your head in the clouds too!!! I want you to do some making!!! And i would like you to make a paper aeroplane - so if not your head in the cloud then hopefully the paper aeroplane that you are going to make! I guess most of you are already thinking that Zak from my class is going to make the best one and I would probably agree with you - he is a professional expert when it comes to making and flying them! But we are all going to have a go - and see who can make their one travel the furthest!!!


You have to make a paper aeroplane with the main objective being to make it travel as far as possible! In order to prove how far it has travelled you need to ask someone if you can borrow a measuring tape! Make the plane, stand behind a line, chuck it a weaker, measure from the line to the nose of your plane using the measuring tape and recording in METRES or CENTIMETRES or MILLIMETRES or maybe even KILOMETRES!!!!  Repeat as often as you like and then ... shout 'yipeeeeeeeeee' when you think you have a record breaker on your hands and you might be the champion paper aeroplane maker and chucker for P6!


There will be a prize for whoever makes the paper aeroplane travel the furthest but you must have evidence! There will also be a prize for the paper aeroplane that is the best decorated / coloured and for the plane that has the best name!!!


Good luck and get that head in the clouds!!!