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P6 other activities 15th January

Hello Dudes and Duddettes! It's the Friday activity and you are going to like this one a lot!!! Friday is traditionally PE day for P6 so that is exactly what this afternoon is going to be all about! 


I have already started to try to get fit for when we go on the school ski trip holiday of a lifetime ... I have to be able to ski down the hills to help Mr Coetzee after he has skied into a tree and give him a big hug! So this is what I am going to do so that I can get even more fitterer and musclier - and I would like you to join me!


Get yourself a stopwatch and time yourself doing the following ...

  1. 10 star jumps.
  2. 10 star jumps with your legs going in the ski direction!
  3. stand up and sit back down on a chair 10 times.
  4. walk up and down your stairs 5 times.
  5. 50 steps while running on the spot.
  6. stand on one leg - until you lose your balance when someone is tickling you!

Write down your times and then send them into your teacher. You can increase or decrease the amount of times you do each activity - or invent different ones! But be sure to record your times in minutes, seconds and milliseconds where necessary.

Check out the video below of Mrs Bell demonstrating how all these exercises are done!


PS all these exercises must be done under adult supervision. Don't do what you think is in anyway unsafe.


PPS please send in any other fitness work or exercises you might already be doing and we can put them on the website.

PE video with Mrs Bell!

Still image for this video