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P6 other activities 13th January

Who is your hero?!!!! Now don't all rush at once and say it is the Classey One! I mean who is your hero apart from me!!! When I was your age my hero was Barry McGuigan! I have a picture of him in my classroom - you know the old black and white photo?! He was a boxer and became a world champion. I used to see him training when I was walking my dog round the Pickie Pool area. He stayed in one of the guest houses near to where the Bangor marina is now and could regularly be seen going for a run so that he could stay fit and healthy. My dad knew him because of some work he did for him and we used to go and visit him in his hotel and have breakfast with him! He was my hero because of how good a boxer he was but also because nearly everyone in Northern Ireland came together to support him.


For today's activity you don't have to do any writing - well you can if you want and then send your report to your teacher! But I would love more videos from everyone! Send a video to your teacher telling them who your hero is and why. You could perhaps use some pictures or props that you could hold up while you are explaining all about your hero. Your hero doesn't necessarily have to be a famous person - although if you send in a video you will soon make them famous!!!


Have fun everyone ... I can't wait to see your videos!