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P6 other activities 16th March


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FLIGHT:  Part 4


I love nearly everything there is to love about the topic of flight! I think it must be because it makes me think about going on holiday to somewhere fabulous!!! My two favourite place are Bulgaria and Liverpool! I am really lucky because these are also the two most favourite places in the world for my lovely wife to visit also!!!! She loves going skiing and watching Liverpool FC really!!!


Watching planes soar through the air at air-shows or just casually watching commercial / passenger jets fly by fascinates me! How do they stay up there!!! I know we have already learned a little bit about how they do this really but it does amaze me still! I used to go to the Newtownards air-show when I was your age and a bit younger. I remember the Tornado thundering by and I had to put my hands over my ears and dive for cover into the long grass and hay!!!


Today's activity is all about learning more about the process that leads you to boarding an aeroplane so that you can go on holiday or maybe you are off to conduct a multi-billion pound business deal! Please remember your old teachers if this is the case!!! Watch the video and read the information from the link below. Which of the jobs associated here with airport work would you like the most and why? Can you conduct some additional research on an airport job that has not been mentioned and explain what you find interesting about that? I know what job I would like … I would like to be an airport firefighter! But I guess I would never like to have to put my skills to the real test of course.


What else can you discover about jobs at airports and even airports themselves? Which is the biggest in the world? Which is the busiest? How many are named after famous people? What are the different codes that are used for the world's largest and most famous airports?


This is the last part of our Flight investigation work … I think! Maybe one last part next week. Put everything you have researched together and you will have a very wonderful project based on this topic that your teachers will love to see when we all get back.