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P6 other activities 18th January

Introduction For Monday's Afternoon Activity

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I hope you all enjoyed finding out about the wonderful lady that was Florence Nightingale - She was a true hero like so many of our very heroic nurses today. The person that I would like you to find out about today is another wonderful lady, called Rosa Parks. What she did in her life was very heroic for a different type of reason to Florence's.


Rosa, like so many other people, suffered greatly due to something called racism. This is a form of severe bullying and it can take many forms. Rosa showed tremendous bravery in what she did in order to tackle the racism she encountered. 


I would like you to watch the video below and tell me what you think of Rosa. You could record some facts about what you have watched from the video - perhaps form a mini chronological report?

It would also be great to hear your opinions on what happened to Rosa and what actions she took. Drawing a picture of one of the aspects from the video would be great too - the most famous one would probably be Rosa when she is on the bus - but it is entirely up to you!


If you want to prove that you are a full-on-super-cool-legend then conduct some individual research and see if you can find out any additional facts about Rosa! Please feel free to send your teacher a photographs of your work or make a video of yourself presenting your work and giving us your opinions on Rosa and the topic of this type of bullying.