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P6 other activities 19th March



I have just realised that I am not as young as I used to be!!! Mrs Bell and Mr Coetzee of course realised this fact about themselves many years ago!!! I have just had a go at doing some Irish Dancing and I think I can officially say I am not very fit!!! Nor as nimble or as fleet of foot as I used to be!!!


Your PE lesson for today is all about Irish Dancing! Anyone ever done any before? It is mega cool but very hard … I think anyway! You will probably find it very easy to do! The idea came to be for a fairly obvious reason - It was St Patrick's Day on Wednesday! We regularly have some expert Irish Dancers in school - including some teachers! I'm serious!


Click on the links below and then see how you go with trying out some of the moves! It takes quite a lot of coordination!!! Maybe some of you who already go to different dance classes or gymnastics will find it to be very easy and you will prove to be Irish Dancing naturals!


Once you have mastered one of the tutorials move on to the next one! Then if you are really brill and can get through some of the others you could maybe send a video of yourself doing some Irish Dancing to your teacher!!! If we get 10 people sending in their videos then I will post my efforts!!!


Have fun and good luck!!!