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Thomas Barnardo

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Now I know the teachers in P6 don't have to remind you that they are the bestest (is that really a word?) and most cleverest (and is that word used in the correct context?!) in the whole wide universe!!!! BUT ... Even when we watch these wonderful educational videos we all learn new things about the famous people too - even the teachers!


Our famous person form history this week is Thomas Barnardo ... or should I say Dr Thomas Barnardo. He was a very selfless man and ended up devoting his life to trying to look after very poor children. 


One of the things that was mentioned at the start of the video was that Dr Barnardo himself described himself as a very selfish person and that he was only interested in looking after himself and in fact he also showed himself to be something of that word I hate ... a bully!


However, as Thomas Barnardo grew up he certainly changed form the person he was! This was something that I thought was pretty incredible! It taught me that it is never too late, or too early, to change if you happen to think you are doing something wrong. It also showed me that Dr Thomas Barnardo thought that 'actions speak louder than words' as he certainly set about trying his best to put right what he saw as terrible social wrongs.


How about having a crack at doing the following ... 1. Record 10 facts based on what you have watched from the video. 2. Record a further 5 facts from an alternative source of information. 3. Draw a picture of yourself wearing the same type of attire that Dr Thomas Barnardo wore - be sure to include the really cool 'top-hat' ... I so want one of those! 4. Access the Barnardo's website and read about what it is that this fabulous charity does today and how so many people carry on the wonderful work of Thomas Barnardo.