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P6 other activities 21st January

Big Murray!🦮

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I think some of you might already know who Big Murray is! Yep, that's right he is Mr Massey's dog! Well really he is Mrs Massey's dog but he loves Mr Massey the most!!! Perhaps it is because we both smell quite similar!!! Do you have a pet or should I say another member of the family?! The P6 teachers would love to hear all about them ... perhaps you have more than one!


What sort of a pet do you have? What is its name? What do you have to do to look after it? Is there anything you have to do for your pet that you don't really like having to do? What funny things does your pet do? What do you like best about your pet? Has your pet ever done anything naughty?! These are just some of the things that we would like to know about your pet!


Draw a picture of your pet with you beside your pet! Or take a picture of you with your pet and email that as well! Would you be able to take a video of your pet doing something you have taught it to do?! We would love to see lots of videos emailed in to show us how fabulous your pet is. Perhaps you could write a story about your pet telling us how wonderful a member of the family it is and why you love him or her so much!


Click on the video below of some of the teachers with their pets ... can you tell the difference between Murray and Mr Massey?!!!