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P6 other activities 24th February


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When I was about your age my Mum asked me what I was going off for Lent! I had a little think about this and then answered with 'jelly'!!! I thought that this was a most ingenious idea because we never really had jelly for dessert! So in this I was going 'off' something that I never had! However, my Mum was more of a genius than me and made sure that she had the old 'wibbly-wobbly' ready for dessert for everyone in my family nearly every night so that she could teach me a lesson!!!


This year I have decided to go 'off' chocolate and crisps ... oooooooooooooh it's going to be so hard but I will give it a go! This will of course be a good thing for me and help me be a bit healthier! Are you going 'off' something for Lent? Perhaps you have other people in your family who are? I hope that you will support them as best you can ... Mrs Massey is being very supportive of me!!! Check the video!


Someone once told me that as well as going 'off' something for Lent that it was also a good idea to do something with a more positive connotation. I have been having a wee think about what positive/productive thing I could actually do. I think I have come up with it ... I was inspired by someone I saw doing this on his own recently. I am going to do a bit of a local litter pick once a week around where i live! I will make sure I have the right equipment and think about some important safety issues.


What do you think you could do over Lent? Could you promise to help out with the washing up?! Maybe have a go with the vacuum cleaner?! Or promise that you are going to keep your bedroom good and tidy! Try to think of something you could go 'on' as well as go 'off'. Click on the link below to find out more about Lent.


Please email your teacher with what you think you might do - and whether you think it is going to be hard or easy enough! You might be surprised about how hard it is to resist temptation! Good luck!


PS I think I might go 'off' supporting Liverpool!!!