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P6 other activities 25th January

Who invented the dog 🐕 and bone 🦴!!!

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Alexander Graham Bell


Now we all know that there is already somebody very famous and lovely and very pretty by the surname of Bell who we all admire greatly ... No not Mrs Bell's husband!!! ... I mean Mrs Bell herself!!! Well this afternoon we are all going to learn about another very famous person by the name of Alexander Graham Bell! I am sure many of you have heard about this famous person before and perhaps you already know about the very famous thing that he invented ... or did he?! There has been a bit of an historical dispute about whether or not he actually did - Can you conduct some research and find out any information about this dispute?! Who is the person that may have been responsible for the invention before Alexander Graham Bell?!!!


Watch the video, that is located down below, to find out more about 'Mr Bell'.  What do you think of his invention? Can you believe the leaps in technology that have occurred since he invented his telephone! Where would we be without them?!!! Go and ask someone as ancient as Mr Coetzee what sort of phone they had when they were growing up! Would you believe that every family used to have just one phone in their house and everyone had to share it!!! And it was on a cord!!! And you couldn't do anything on it apart from talk!!!!


I would like you to record 10 facts about what you have just watched and then conduct some additional research on the invention and development of the telephone and record a further 10 interesting facts! It would also be good if you could draw an associated telephone related picture that shows how wonderful an invention it is ... What we do without phones in an emergency?! We wouldn't be able to dial 999! A picture in relation to this very important aspect would be great to see but ... it's up to you!