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P6 other activities 27th January

Eggsellent science fun! 🥚

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Science - But your Mum is going to kill me!!!


I love Science Wednesdays!!! But I am a little bit worried about today's activity!!! Not because it is in anyway dangerous but because I think your Mum might 'crack'!!!!!!!! (If you keep reading you will see how good a word 'crack' is as part of a yoke ... sorry joke!!!!!!!!!)


You need to do the following... 1. Get an egg! 2. Drop it from a height of approximately 2 metres. It's as easy as that!!! Well not quite! You have to design and make something your egg can fit into so that when you drop it the egg doesn't break or crack!!! Get it now?!!!


I am sure that this is going to be really smashing fun (another good joke) and allow you all to demonstrate your wonderful engineering and scientific skills! Please ask someone to video your experiments and send them to your teacher. Don't use too many eggs and make sure you have permission and ensure upon supervision also! 


Oh one more thing ... It is not allowed to be a hard-boiled egg! Good luck! I hope you have egg-cellent fun!!!