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P6 other activities 29th January

You’ll never walk alone!

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PE this week is going to be all about 'Going Walking'! ... The reason for this is because 'Going Walking is what to do'! ... Because, as we all know, 'Exercise is Good For You'! This could be a song! Oh maybe it already is!!! 


Walking is a great form of exercise and also super for your mental health! I love it! I walk with Murray everyday - I think he might love it more than me though! If you haven't already been for a walk today it would be great if you were able to as part of your PE lesson. It would also be great if you were able to takes some pictures of where you have walked and what you got up to! I will be walking around Crawfordsburn a bit later with Murray. I wonder what I will see?! Actually there is an ice cream van that is often parked there so I might show you a picture of me with a 99!!!!


Some of the other things you could do is to take a note of the time you start and finish your walk and then calculate how long you walked for. Can you convert the times you started and finished into 24hour time?

How long would it take you to walk 100 steps? Could you then estimate how long it would take you to walk 1000 steps? How would you arrive at that calculation?  If you happen to be super fit - like Mr Coetzee - you could perhaps even go for a jog! I used to do that with my Mum or Dad when I was your age! Make sure you go with your Mum or Dad if you do decide to do this!


Have fun everyone!