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P6 other activities 2nd March

The history of ✈️

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I hope you enjoyed learning about the topic of flight last week and discovered plenty of facts associated with those flight pioneers who really helped the technology 'take off' ... get it?!!!! TAKE-OFF!!!


This week we get to learn about the role people from Northern Ireland played in relation to the advancement of flight. There might well be a few names you have heard of before but I am sure there will be some new people who you may not have encountered before but you could well know something about their inventions!


Today's afternoon lesson is going to be all about reading - and nothing else!!! You don't have to do any writing or recording - unless you would like to! Because it is Book Week I thought it would be a good idea if you just concentrated on reading. There are also two videos that tell you about the Northern Ireland influence on the history of flight. Read through all of the information and watch the short videos. Feel free to read and watch a couple of times so that the information stays in your memory for ever and ever!!! 


So get that head back into the clouds for this lesson! I hope you find it as interesting as the teachers did when we accessed the link. PS Some of the video footage is really old so you can ask Mrs Bell what she remembers, as a young girl growing up, about some of the historical events you get to watch!!! She will be able to tell you all about it and what it was like at the time!!!!