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P6 other activities 8th January

As well as Play Live at 2pm, this afternoon we are continuing with the Art and Design challenge from our friends at Newsdesk!


To log in, go to My School  and enter your username e.g. dgraham123

Your password has been changed so please enter the password winter2021 (unless you are Kennya and your new password is winter21 - the computer wouldn't let me change your password to winter2021!)

Once you reach your home screen, click on the Newsdesk icon.  Once it opens, click on Newsbank 

and then scroll down until you see Media Month


In this challenge, you are being asked to design and market a brand new snack food and drink!  Use your artistic skills to design the packing for your items and then create a poster which will encourage other people to buy these items!  All the details are in the Newsdesk article.


You can complete this challenge over the next few weeks and then, if you want, you can submit your work to Newsdesk for everyone to see!