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Hello everyone!


I'm really, REALLY missing our Shared Reading sessions together!


The times when we can each pick up the same book, read it aloud in class and have a laugh over funny moments and express our opinions over more serious ones!  

I'd like to try to recapture those moments by reading David Walliams' new book  'Code Name Bananas' to camera.


I'd like you to get involved too; by using your key reading skills throughout the book at various times.


I'll upload videos every so often - I hope that you can join me to enjoy another funny Walliams adventure! 


Any questions or queries, please e-mail me 

Chapter 1: 'Wibble Wobble'

Shared Reading 2: Prologue

Shared Reading 1: Predicting the Plot

This week's spellings are key vocabulary words! Make sure you CLARIFY their meanings before attempting to spell them!

If you have a are your spellings!