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Dancing Grapes Experiment

How to make grapes dance:


Here is what you will need to make grapes dance:


  • grapes
  • sparkling water
  • large vase




Follow these simple steps to get your grapes magically dance:

Time needed: 20 minutes.


  1. Prepare your glass container

    Fill the vase 3/4th with bubble water. This will not work with regular tap water!

  2. Prepare your grapes

    Wash the grapes.

  3. Add grapes

    Drop a hand full of grapes in sparkling water.

  4. Let them dance

    Watch the grapes dance.



  • Grapes can be substituted with raisins or rise.
  • No reason to waste food, the grapes can still be eaten after the experiment.
  • Grapes can be a joking hazard for young toddlers and babies. Therefore I recommend this activity only for children age 3 and up.


The science behind this:

Sparkling water contains carbon dioxide (CO2).

Since grapes are heavier than water, they automatically sink to the bottom of our glass jar.

As you can easily see carbon dioxide bubbles attach quickly to the grapes and make them rise.

On top, the bubbles pop, and the grapes sink back to the bottom. The process repeats itself until all the carbon dioxide is used.

As a result, the water turns flat and will taste like tap water. Take a sip and try it yourself!

It s the same process when you leave any type of soda bottle open without putting the screw back on. The carbon dioxide will vanish and it starts to taste flat since the carbon dioxide is gone!