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Something a little bit different!

Something to help you unwind...


As you already know this week is Children's Mental Health Week. You have been completing various different activities, helping you to think about your feelings and emotions. 


It is important that we all take time to think about and talk about how we feel on the inside. 


So far there have been lots of activities asking us to write down our feelings and thoughts, whether that be through poetry or in your well-being challenge from literacy today. 


Now it's time for something a little bit different...


Meditation- don't knock it before you try it!!


Meditation provides you with a calming atmosphere, where you can take some time to yourself to help you unwind and think about your feelings and emotions. It might also make you feel a bit sleepy and that's okay!


At the bottom of this page there is a link to a meditation session which has been specifically designed for children.


Before you click play and begin your meditation here are a few tips:


 - Find yourself a comfortable spot. This could be on a sofa or maybe on a rug with some cushions.


- You might want to connect your earphones to listen. This will help blank out any other noises. It will work just as well without earphones so don't worry if you don't have any.


- If you are in a bright room you may wish to dim the lights or close your blinds slightly. A darker space may make you feel more peaceful.


- Try to empty your mind and focus on the video and it's sounds/words.


Miss Steele had a listen to this and found it very calming and peaceful. We hope you will too.



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