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Something a little bit different!

Something You Might Have Noticed...


The eagle-eyed history enthusiasts among us (no Mr Devlin, we aren't just talking about you!) may have realised that we took a little bit of a break from our World War Two topic this week, to allow us to focus on Children's Mental Health Week.


If you are eagerly awaiting your weekly fix of history, then look no further!!


You can click on the link below. This will take you to some short Horrible Histories videos, all about World War Two. Choose a few to watch and see if you can pick up any new information.

Mindfulness Drawing

If you are not quite ready to jump back into learning about World War Two just yet, why don't you have a go at some mindfulness drawing. 

Watch the short video below, where some primary school children, just like you are explaining how they carry out their mindfulness drawing. 

Just like the meditation yesterday, this can help you to feel more relaxed, releasing some of the anxieties you may have.


Happy drawing!




Drawing Meditation by Kids with Headspace | Chiltern Primary School | LitFilmFest

Well done on completing your tasks this week P7. 

Have a great weekend, stay safe and we shall see you back on our Home Learning Page again on Monday!