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Model Making:

A Second World War Lancaster Bomber


The Avro Lancaster bomber was a key weapon of the Allies during the War. More than 7,000 were produced, which flew a total of more than 150,000 missions - from which more than 3,000 planes were never to return.


The roar of a bomber squadron taking off and returning was a familiar sound to many thousands of people living in southern England. The Lancaster remains a feature of events to commemorate the War.


Click on the links below to hear the sound of the Lancaster bomber taking off and the voices of a Lancaster bomber crew during a raid.

Your task...


We would like you to use the template below create a 3-D model of one of these Lancaster Bombers.


For this activity you will need to fold along the dotted lines you can see in the template.


If you're feeling very creative you could even attempt to make your own 

3-D model of a Lancaster bomber. You could use materials that you have around your house, such as pieces of cardboard, empty plastic cartons etc. You might even want to use some lego, or any crafting materials you have- it's completely up to you!!


We would love to see your creations, so don't forget to send your teacher a photograph via email. These email addresses can be found at the beginning of the P7 Home Learning page.