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Something a little bit different!

The Blitz:

Art Activity


Think back to your 'Something a little bit different' activity on Wednesday....

Yes, you've remembered correctly, it was all about The Blitz.


You may remember we told you to pay close attention to the images you seen in the video and the PowerPoint. If you need a reminder, jump over to that page and have another quick look, but don't forget to come back!!!


Click the link below to take you directly there.

For today's art we are going to think about what the sky may have looked like at night as the Blitz was taking place and the Lancaster bombers were flying over the cities.


During this time bombs being dropped and parts of these cities were on fire. 

What sort of colours do you think may have been seen across the cities?




Red       ......         Orange        ......      Yellow


It might have looked like there was a fire blazing across the city skylines!


Take a look at some of the examples of art work below.

What do you notice about the buildings? What colour are they?


Yes, they are black! Do you notice, we can't see any details, only their outline. 


This is called a silhouette, you may have heard of this term before. 


Over to you...


Now that you can see what the sky may have looked like during the Blitz and understand the term silhouette, we would like you to have a go at creating your own version of these pieces of art work.


I would recommend you work in colouring pencil to create your fire filled skyline and try to blend your colours together seamlessly.


To create the silhouette of the buildings you could sketch out, in pencil the outline of a row of buildings, bridges etc. 


Alternatively, if you have any black paper or card in the house you could sketch your buildings on this and then cut round the outline to make your silhouette. You could then glue the silhouette to your skyline.


We would love to see some of this art work, don't forget you can email your teacher with the finished product!