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Something a little bit different!

Design your own book cover


As you probably already know, tomorrow is World Book Day.

 Sadly we can't celebrate together like we usually would, but instead you have been completing some great reading tasks this week.


For your final activity today we would like you to think about one of your favourite books. This could be one that you have read quite recently or it could be a book which you have loved since you were younger. 


Most books for children have someone called an illustrator. An illustrator will draw the pictures you  see throughout your books, as well as the designs on the front cover.


Today we would like you to take on the role of the illustrator. You will have to come up with a completely new cover for your chosen book. 

No borrowing ideas from the original!!


Before you start it would be a good idea to have a think about the story and visualise some of the main events in your head. Doing this might give you some inspiration for your new cover design!


When completing your new cover, don't forget to include the title of the book somewhere on the front. It would also be a good idea to include the name of the author as well.


Take a look at the slideshow below, where you will see some book covers which you may be familiar with.


As always we love to see the work you do, so email your teachers with your new, original book cover. We will feature these on our home learning page.


Time to get your creative hat on!!