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The Life Cycle of a Frog


For this afternoon's activity we are thinking about the life cycle of a frog.


A frog belongs to a group of animals called 

'Amphibians'. You may have heard of this group before. 


An Amphibian is an an animal that need water or a damp environment in order to survive. This is why you can see frogs both on land or in a pond. 

A frog is able to breathe and absorb water through their thin skin.


You may be able to see frogs in your garden as Spring goes on.


Miss Steele spotted a frog in her garden last week.

Take a look...




Watch the PowerPoint below. This shows you the life cycle of a frog in the different stages.

You should now complete the following activities. 

Firstly you will have to cut and stick the stages of a frog's life in the correct order, as well as writing a few sentences on this life cycle.


There is also a spinning wheel activity for you to put together which also shows the different stages of this life cycle.