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Grace Darling.

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I think that we in P6 are all well aware that there are certainly three real 'darlings' that we all know and love!!! ... Mrs Bell, Mr Coetzee and of course yours truly!!! I'm only joking ... Mr Coetzee isn't really!!!


I maybe shouldn't start off this lesson by cracking jokes really because the hero we are going to learn about today did a magnificently brave thing and saved peoples lives - but others, I am very sorry to say, were not so fortunate at all.


Some of you may already know the story of Grace Darling and what it was that she did in putting her own life at risk to save others.  I am certain that when you watch today's video you will find it to be awe-inspiring. I actually felt quite emotional watching it! 


Have you ever done anything brave in your life or do you know of any family members who may have done something very brave? Sometimes doing something brave can be something that can be described as quite a small thing that nobody else might hear about or ever find out about - but can still be very important. I would love you to email your teacher to tell them about something brave you may have done. I remember my step-son being brave by holding my hand and telling me everything would be ok when I went on the Belfast Wheel with him! I hate heights!!!


There are lots of very brave people in the world that we live in today. Grace Darling's brave actions made me think of the volunteers that belong to the RNLI. These people regularly follow in the footsteps of Grace Darling by rescuing people who have got into difficulty at sea. 


Can you discover anything about the history of the RNLI? When was the RNLI formed? What sort of boats did they used to use and what sort do they use now? How many people are rescued each year by the RNLI? These are some of the types of questions you could try to find the answers to. It would be great also if you could draw a picture of one of the classes of boats that the RNLI currently use.


Have fun everyone - I hope you find this research to be very interesting.