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Thursday 21st January



Today we are going to learn all about the sound that r makes.  

First sing the alphabet song with Phonics bug.

Alphabet Song

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Have a go at saying some of the sounds we have learnt already.


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Next watch the sound video for r

Phonics r

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Now watch how phonics bug writes the letter r.

Write r

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Jolly Phonics "r" Sounds

Can you write the letter r at home? 

We have added a worksheet you can print out or you can write some on a page, chalkboard or whiteboard if you like.

Phonics worksheet - r

Story time

Mrs Gavero reads you the story called The Polar Bear and the Snow Cloud. Sit back and enjoy!


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Numeracy work

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Today we are going to think all about the number 7


1. Can you have a go at writing the number 7? You can use different pencils and pens to do this or you could even write it into some sand if you have a sand tray or in the condensation on the bathroom mirror, any way you like. 

We have also added a number 7 writing page that can be printed out if you want to but this is not necessary, just writing it is enough.


Have a think about your number rhymes to help you remember how to write this number.

2. Can you say the number that comes before and after 7?


3. Can you make a set of 7 using things you can find in your house?

Number 7 worksheet


We are going to do some P.E. today.  Listen to the Let's move programme and see if you can follow the instructions and move your body to the music. 


If you need a partner at home either move with someone else in your family or do the actions by yourself as best you can.

Remember you are at home and don't have as much space as in the hall in school so be careful.

We are continuing to think about Winter and cold lands so our Let's Move today is called Winter Wonderland: Letr's stay, or fly away