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Thursday 25th February



Today we are going to learn all about the sound that x makes.  

First sing the alphabet song with Phonics bug.

Alphabet Song

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Have a go at saying some of the sounds we have learnt already.

Sounds we know

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Next watch the sound video for x.


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Now watch how phonics bug writes the letter x.

Write x

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Can you write the letter x at home? 

We have added a worksheet you can print out or you can write some on a page, chalkboard or whiteboard if you like.



Sing along to the Jolly Phonics song

Jolly Phonics X

Story time

Mrs Gavero is going to read you a story today.  Hope you enjoy it!

Hungry Harry

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Watch Mrs Williamson's video, can you join in?


There are three levels of this activity. Choose the video most suitable for your child’s level.
Your child will need number cards or a number line to complete this activity. If you don’t have ones already either write out a number line for your child or print out one of the options below. 

Show me 1-5

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Show me 1-10

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Show me 11-20

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Now play this fun shape game.  Click the link to make it open.



Here's an optional page you can print out and complete if you feel like it. Do you like pizza? Doesn't it taste yummy!

Sort the shapes by colouring them all the same colour e.g. colour all the squares red, all the circles orange etc, all the rectangles yellow and all the triangles green.


Can you join in with Cosmic Yoga?

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