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Thursday 7th January

Mrs. Gavero explains todays work for you

Mrs. Gavero

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Part 2

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Today we are going to recap the letter sound 'c'. Watch the videos to help you.

Sing the alphabet song first please

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Here is the letter c video

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And now watch how letter c is formed. Remember to have a go too!

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Sound search 

Have a look around your house and see how many things you can find that begin with the 'c' sound. You might like to make a set of 'c' things to take a photo of to send to your teacher.

Jolly phonics letter c



Log into your Bug Club and read the book 'Storm friends'


There are also some activities on the front and back cover of the book that you might like to complete. Don't forget to look out for the bugs to complete too!


Story time


We hope you will enjoy listening to a story. Which P1 teacher is reading to you today? Click on the link below



Today we are going to think all about the number 3

  1. Can you have a go at writing the number 3. You can use different pencils and pens to do this. Have a think about your number rhymes to help you remember how to write this number.
  2. Can you say the number that comes before and after the number 3?
  3. Complete the Story of 3 with Sian and then play the games. Click on the link


Matching numbers to sets

Today we would like the children to have a go at matching numbers to sets. An adult will have to set this activity up first. Begin by making sets of objects of different numbers (1 -10). You can use anything from around the house, lego, spoons, pasta etc. Then using number cards (hopefully you will still have these from a previous homework or alternatively write the numbers 1 to 10 on bits of paper) have your child match each number card to the correct set.


To change things up, you might like to give your children a number card and have them make a set for that number.


*Please work within the level in which your child feels comfortable*

1 - 5


1 - 10





We are going to get our bodies moving today with some P.E. Listen to the Let's Move programme and see if you can follow the instructions and move your body to the music. Don't worry if you're are asked to make groups or get a partner. Because we are at home you can do the actions by yourself or maybe you might have a brother, sister or parent who would like to join in with you!

We are continuing to think about Winter, so todays Let's Move is called Winter Wonderland - Busy bodies, cosy toes!


*Remember you won't have as much room at home as we do in our P.E. hall so please be careful when skipping and moving around wink



Enjoy joining in with singing the song 'Here we go round the Mulberry bush'

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush | Barefoot Books Singalong

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush | Barefoot Books SingalongWant more? (Click SHOW MORE below 👇)⭐ Our favorite video: