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Tuesday 19th January



Today we are going to learn all about the sound that u makes.  

First sing the alphabet song with Phonics bug.

Alphabet Song

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Have a go at saying some of the sounds we have learnt already.

Sound Revision

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Next watch the sound video for u

Phonics u

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Now watch how phonics bug writes the letter u.


Write u

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Jolly Phonics "u" Sounds

Can you write the letter u at home? 

We have added a worksheet you can print out or you can write some on a page, chalkboard or whiteboard if you like.

Phonics sheet - u

Story time

Mrs Williamson reads you the story called The Snow Storm. Hope you enjoy it.


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Number 6

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Today we are going to think all about the number 6


1. Can you have a go at writing the number 6? You can use different pencils and pens to do this or you could even write it into some sand if you have a sand tray or in the condensation on the bathroom mirror, any way you like. 

We have also added a number 6 writing page that can be printed out if you want to but this is not necessary, just writing it is enough.


Have a think about your number rhymes to help you remember how to write this number.




2. Can you say the number that comes before and after 6?


3. Can you make a set of 6 using things you can find in your house?

Number 6 worksheet


Our topic is still Winter/ Cold lands. 

Can you make a snowman, polar bear, seal or penguin using dough or salt dough?  If you make a salt dough model could maybe even paint your model after you have dried it out.  Have fun!