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Tuesday 23rd February



Today we are going to learn all about the sound that w makes.  

First sing the alphabet song with Phonics bug.

Alphabet Song

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Have a go at saying some of the sounds we have learnt already.

Sounds we know

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Next watch the sound video for w.


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Now watch how phonics bug writes the letter w.

Write w

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Jolly Phonics W

Can you write the letter w at home? 

We have added a worksheet you can print out or you can write some on a page, chalkboard or whiteboard if you like.


Story time

Mrs Williamson reads you a story today. Hope you enjoy it.


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Watch Mrs Williamson's video explaining your work.  Can you find the right places for the shapes? Don’t stick them down straight away, leave them in their places so that you can play the missing piece game too. 

You can either print out the worksheet below, show the adult at home on your screen or an adult could draw out the activity for you to complete it at home.

Shape sorting

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The missing piece game

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Here is a fun game for you to play today.  You need to use your eyes and your observational skills. It's called Kim's game.


Here are the instructions:


1. Place objects on a tray or on the floor/table in front of you.

2. Objects can be anything e.g. toys, keys, cutlery, a mug, scissors etc.

3. Go through with the children what objects are on the tray.

4. Cover the objects and take one object away.

5. Children to guess which object has been removed.


*It’s best to start of with a few objects, and as the children grow in confidence, increase the number of objects.


Have fun! I wonder will you spot what is missing?