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Tuesday 9th February



Today we are going to learn all about the sound that j makes.  

First sing the alphabet song with Phonics bug.

Alphabet Song

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Have a go at saying some of the sounds we have learnt already.

Sounds Revision

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Next watch the sound video for j

Phonics j

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Now watch how phonics bug writes the letter j.

Write j

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Can you write the letter j at home? 

We have added a worksheet you can print out or you can write some on a page, chalkboard or whiteboard if you like.

Jolly Phonics J

Story time
Mrs Gavero reads you a story today. Hope you enjoy it.

Dig Dig Digging

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Mrs Williamson explains your written number work for today.

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Here's a number game for you to play today.

Roll a die or dice, depending on which level you choose to play and then play along.

Either print out the page or roll and then point to the vehicle that should be coloured on your screen.  Hope you enjoy.

Here is a link for electronic dice too in case you don't have any at home (just change it to be either 1 or 2 dice depending on which game you are playing)








We hope you enjoy listening and joining in with a few transport songs.

We All Go Travelling By (UK) | Barefoot Books Singalong

Magic Train Ride | Barefoot Books Singalong