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Wednesday 13th January



Mrs Williamson explains your literacy in this video.


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Try writing the sentence; Mum and Floppy.


Whoever is at home with you should write it onto a page for you to copy over just like Mrs Williamson showed you in the video.  Then you could even try to draw a picture of Mum and Floppy too.









Watch Mrs Williamson's video reading  the book called Floppy Floppy.

Can you read any of the words too? Why do you think the story is called Floppy Floppy?



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High Frequency words


Adding to the words we have already learnt which are displayed on Monday's page) we are going to learn the word I


Ask a grown up to write it onto a card for you that you can add to your other words.  Practice reading all your words using some of the games in the High Frequency Word file.



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Today we are going to learn all about telling the time.  Mrs Williamson will explain in the video.


Have you got a clock in your house? See if you can spy when it is showing an o'clock time. 


Can you read what time it is on these clocks?






Usually if we were in school we would make a yummy melted snowman biscuit as part of our Winter/Cold lands topic.  Maybe you might like to make one at home?

The little Youtube video shows you how to do it, all you need is a plain biscuit, some icing sugar, a little water, a marshmallow and some bits and pieces to decorate your snowman with...maybe some smarties, chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles...whatever you have in the house.