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Wednesday 20th January


Todays literacy work with Mrs. Williamson

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Try writing the sentence; Mum and the pan.


Whoever is at home with you should write it onto a page for you or print out the page in the link below for you to copy over just like Mrs Williamson showed you in the video. Then you could even try to draw a picture of Mum and the pan too. 



Literacy worksheet


Watch Mrs McNirlan's video reading the book called The Pancake

Can you read any of the words? 

The Pancake

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Now you try reading The Pancake

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High Frequency Words

Adding to the words we have already learnt (which are displayed on Monday's page) we are going to learn the word into


Ask a grown up to write it onto a card for you that you can add to your other words.  Practice reading all your words using some of the games in the High Frequency Word file.


Today we are going to think about money again. 

We are going to count pennies to see how many are in each piggy bank. 

Click on the link below, you can either print out the worksheet and complete it or just open it for your child to see and have them to write the total down on a page.

**Please choose whichever page you think your child is able to do.  There is one document for working up to 5 and one document for working up to 10.**





There are two activities in each document. We are only expecting the first one to be completed - counting the money already in the piggy bank and writing the total down.

Topic work


Watch this short video all about Winter down on the farm. They even visit County Armagh in it!  Can you answer these questions?


Where do the cows on the farm go in the Winter?

What is the weather like in the Winter?

What clothes are the children wearing to keep them warm?

What is your favourite part of the show? I loved the Little Robin and all the detail in the pictures of him.


Enjoy the show!