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**Update: Thursday 11th June**

Session 2 of the 'It's Your Move'

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P7TV: Intro to Week 10 of Home Learning

Let's talk 'Transition' with Mrs Smart!



Hi Boys and Girls,


We can't quite believe that we are at this stage, of starting to think about transition, and waving you off to pastures new! This is an more difficult concept to get our heads around, because we aren't together in the way we should be, or would be, were it not for this unique time in our lives that we are living through.


You will never forget 2020, and your P7 year - yes, because of the global pandemic and history that you are living through right now, but also, we hope, because of happy memories made in school - both here with us in the first months of the year, as well as in your new schools, as we look towards those months at the end of the year, and happy times ahead.


We are NOT there yet however... you are our adored P7s for 3 weeks more,  (and believe me - you will always be our adored P7s, no matter how old you become!) but the time is right to start thinking along these lines, and getting ourselves mentally prepared for making that shift; that all important move in your life; as you move on from Brooklands Primary School and look ahead at the many adventures that lie in store for you in your new Post-Primary School!


For some of you, you may not know which school that will be as yet, as places are still being allocated to boys and girls across Northern Ireland.

For others, you may not have a place in what was your first or second choice school, but you have a place within one of the schools that was on your list.


Boys and Girls, please remember, it isn't the school that will be the making of you... it is YOU that will be the making of you :) and you are all WONDERFUL people and these schools are SO lucky to have you all, coming their way in September!


We don't know yet what school will look like in September - we have to wait to see what the medical experts tell the Department of Education, and in turn, what the Department of Education tell schools, so that we can all work together to keep each other safe.


Whatever format school takes however, it will be full of exciting opportunities for you!

Think of all of those friends that are out there, that you just haven't met yet!


You will be ready to grab new opportunities, learn so many new things, be open to new friendships and take yourself out of your comfort zone at times, so that you can try new things!

 Think of all the new skills you are yet to uncover!!


That is why this is such an exciting time in your young lives - a new start, a chance to be who you want to be and can be- but above all else - to be yourself, your wonderful self, as no one can do that any better than you!


 The booklets, webpages with video clips and related activities attached this week will begin to help you to think about what lies ahead, and to start those conversations, both at home, and with us... write to use - send us an email with your thoughts, questions or queries, and we will write back to you and help you through this time in your lives!


We know this move can be daunting, but you are ready! Brooklands staff have worked with you and your families over the years to help you reach this stage, and you will make this next step soon, feeling ready to grow, develop and thrive!


We are so proud of each and everyone of you and we are here if you need us

this week, and always.


With all of our love, from Mrs Smart, Mr Henry, Miss Duggan, Mr Armstrong, Mrs Wilson, Mrs Shields, Miss McKinley, Mrs Campbell, Mrs McMahon & Mrs S. Graham.



Scripture Union - It's Your Move!

Sessions 1 & 2 are below...



The Scripture Union 'It's Your Move' Programme is a Programme that we, in Brooklands Primary School, complete every year, around this time with our P7 Pupils.


It is an excellent programme that gets you thinking about different things; what you're looking forwards to, as well as any concerns or questions that you may have. It also covers very practical skills - such as how to tie your tie! :)


We strongly recommend that EVERY P7 Pupil works through this programme, by watching the video clips and chatting it through with someone at home!


New video links will be added each Thursday, and we will add them as we get them!


Enjoy boys and girls, and huge thanks to Scripture Union for sharing this with us all, online this year!


It's Your Move: Lesson 2 - Choices

It's Your Move: Lesson 1 - Changes

Welcome to week 1 of our 'It's Your Move' lesson series. What are the 'It's Your Move' lessons? The 'It's Your Move' lessons link to the RE curriculum, with ...

BBC Bitesize offer FANTASTIC advice and tips to Children and Parents, all about moving to Secondary School. They help answer questions you may have, dispel myths and let you hear from children and celebrities who want to pass on their tips and advice too! Here are just some of the topics covered! Just click on the link below to take you STRAIGHT there!!! :)

Our Transition Booklet was written along with the Derek Kinnen, from the ASD Support Service.


It has some really helpful information for all pupils within, such as

how to read a school timetable, as you work our where you should be for each subject.


There is plenty of food for thought, and reassurance given within, and I advice all of our pupils to read through the pages within. It can be downloaded and written onto, or simply read from the screen, depending on your ability to print at home.


We hope you find this helpful, and a good way in which to start thinking about post-primary school; helping you to start feeling prepared - both mentally and physically, for the adventure that lies ahead!


Thanks all, with love, Mrs Smart

Some helpful links for Parents, Grandparents and Carers: