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Week 10

P1 Zoom meeting 


We hope you are still enjoying our Zoom meetings as much as we are! As it is our Virtual Sports Day this Friday, our Zoom meeting this week will be on the theme of keeping fit. We will be getting together to play some fun games like musical statues and Simon Says. There will be some action rhymes and a story too! We hope you can join us!


The Zoom session is going to be this Wednesday 10th June at 1.00pm


Week 10


Hello P1 Super Heroes! We have now reached WEEK 10 of our home learning. We are so pleased that you have been enjoying all the fun activities we have set you so far!

This week will be the last week of our topic - 'DINOSAURS'.  

Please find below this weeks activities, we hope you enjoy them 

** Parents and adults - please make note of the new section at the bottom of our page - Weekly work archive - We have started to archive our weekly work so that you can look back and revisit different things if needs be. We hope you will find this helpful - P1 teachers.




High frequency word of the week is :- some


Remember to keep practicing all the tricky words that we have learnt so far. Have a go at joining in with The Tricky Word Rap with some very cool dinosaurs!! Click here -


Phonics - Now we have learnt all of our letter sounds we will be revising them each week with some different activities.


Here is a nice video to help you recap some of our phonics.

It will help you to complete the worksheets below. There are 6 different letter worksheets this week. Feel free to have a go at just a few or the letters you might still find tricky. If you like you can do all 6!! There is a special section on each worksheet to help you with your blending skills too!



Dinosaur story

Enjoy listening to the story of 'Captain Flynn and the Pirate Dinosaurs'


Can you remember the names of the different Pirate Dinosaurs?

Spelling words with 'i' as the middle letter - You might like to begin using magnetic letters (or make little letter cards) to spell bin, pin, tin, dig before you complete the worksheet or if you are unable to print it out. Remember to listen carefully for each sound and find the letter you need.


*For this activity there are 2 pages to choose from. Pick one to complete or if your are feeling really good, have a go at both of them!!

Write a sentence - Now you have had lots of opportunities to 'Build a sentence' you are going to write a sentence. We will write sentences using tricky words and words we can spell using phonics.


Have a go at writing the sentence- He got some crisps.

Remember to think about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. You might even be able to use your phonics to sound out and spell the words. Have a think about your tricky words too!  

Letter formation - This week we are going to practice forming all the letters of the alphabet!

Don't forget to hold your pencil correctly - Nip, Flip and Grip!!



Language page - Have a go at this week's language page from Phonics Bug. This week you are going to have a go at spelling a word for each picture and then also to read and draw. Remember to sound out each letter and blend them together.

(Parents please note there are 2 levels to this worksheet. The first worksheet provides a single line under each picture for your child to write on and the second worksheet has dashed lines to show the number of letters needed. Please choose which worksheet is best for your child.)




Log into Bug Club and read the following books:-


Is it a rock?

Animal homes



*Top tip for Mums and Dads* Helping your child to read can be a bit daunting sometimes. Here is a helpful video clip for you to watch which shows you how to help your child to blend sounds together when reading (this technique can also be used when spelling words too). We hope you find it helpful


Here's a great game for practising blending sounds together to read CVC words.



Mental Maths

Click on the link to play Blast Off! There are 2 different games to play here (1) Find the name and (2) Count on and back. It's best to start off playing with numbers up to 20 but if your child is finding this easy try playing with some bigger numbers as a challenge.



We are continuing to look at money. 


Log into your Education City and search for the Swift Shop video. This will help you learn all about the different coins we have.


Have a go at this fun game - Top Shop Money Game. To play choose the button the says 1 coin and then click on 1p coins.


You might even like to set up your own toy shop at home and use some 1p coins to pay for the items


Addition within 10

Can you count the pictures and then make the sum? Have a go!



Positional language

Practice using some positional language with your child. Ask them to get a favourite toy or teddy and an empty box. Next, ask your child to place their toy in different positions, for example "Can you put your teddy in front of the box?" Have a go with lots of different positions such as inside, behind, beside, between, on top of and under.


There is also a short worksheet below to help follow up on positional language.


Dinosaur ten frames

Look at each ten frame, what number does it represent? Cut out or write the correct number beside each ten frame. *Note - there are 2 pages to this activity.

Here are your worksheets. Don't worry if you can't print them out.

Other activities

This week we are going to look at the Apatosaurus and learning some cool facts about them.



Have an adult help you read the facts about the Apatosaurus. 


Here are some videos to watch so you can learn some more interesting things about the Apatosaurus. I wonder how many facts you can remember?


In this song Apatosaurus tells you lots of interesting facts about itself


Andy's Dinosaur Adventures - Andy didn't have any videos about Apatosaurus but he did have one about Brachiosaurus who was very similar! Check it out



Or check out the cool Dinosaur fact file on the Dinosaur Train website. You will need to click the search button to find the Apatosaurus!

Dinosaur sock puppets

Have you any old spare socks in the house? If you do why don't you have a go making a dinosaur sock puppet! Watch Andy and his friend show you how below



Dinosaur pictures

Below you will find some dinosaur pictures but they all have missing parts! Can you have a go at finishing some of the pictures? What will the dinosaurs look like? Will you make them look fierce or funny?



Here are this weeks stories for you to listen to and enjoy


Mrs. Williamson reads Dinosaur Adventures Spinosaurus - The roaring river


Mrs. McNirlan reads


Mrs. Gavero reads Bug in a rug


Have a listen to this dino song. Can you join in naming some of the dinosaurs? You might even learn some new facts too!



We hope you have been having lots of fun with Mr. Coetzee practicing for our virtual sports day. Remember to keep checking the whole school home learning page for more details. Don't forget that our virtual sports day is this Friday 12th June! 


Move like a dinosaur!

Have a go at moving around like some of the dinosaurs we have been learning about. Have fun!