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Week 7

Week 7


Welcome to Week 7 of our home learning! The P1 teachers want to let you know that we are super proud of you all for all the hard work you've been doing at home so far! We have loved seeing all your photos and hearing about the things you've been getting up to. Don't forget to check in on your own class page to see what all your friends have been doing too.

This week we are starting an exciting new topic - 'DINOSAURS'. We think you're going to have great fun!

Please find below this weeks activities, we hope you enjoy them 

** Parents and adults - please make note of the new section at the bottom of our page - Weekly work archive - We have started to archive our weekly work so that you can look back and revisit different things if needs be. We hope you will find this helpful - P1 teachers




High frequency word of the week is :- we


Phonics - Log into your Phonics Bug account and complete activities for the letters y, z, zz and qu


Log into your Education City account. Watch the videos and play the games for the letters y, z, zz and qu. These can be found by clicking on Subjects-Literacy-P1-Letters and Sounds-Phase 3-tab 3

You might even like to try the follow up work sheets here also!


Harry and the bucket full of dinosaurs

Listen to Mrs. Williamson read a story about Harry and his dinosaurs in our story section below.

Onset and Rime with the 'un' sound - You might like to begin using magnetic letters (or make little letter cards) to spell _un words before you complete the worksheet or if you are unable to print it out. Remember to listen carefully for each sound and find the letter you need.

*For this activity there are 3 'Spicy' levels to choose from when it comes to completing the worksheet.

Spicy level mild - find the initial sound for each word

Spicy level hot - sound out the whole word

Spicy level extra hot - sound out the whole word and write the word

Choose the worksheet your child feels comfortable working at or for an extra challenge move up a 'Spicy' level!! 

Write a sentence - Now you have had lots of opportunities to 'Build a sentence' you are going to write a sentence. We will write sentences using tricky words and words we can spell using phonics.


Have a go at writing the sentence- We went to the pond.

Remember to think about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. You might even be able to use your phonics to sound out and spell the words. Have a think about your tricky words too!  

Letter formation - This week we are going to practice forming the letters - r, n, b, h (please see page 1 of attachment only). Remember all these letters start with a straight line which then goes back up and over. Don't forget to hold your pencil correctly too - Nip, Flip and Grip!!


Language page - Have a go at our new language page from Phonics Bug. Remember to sound each word out carefully. Can you sound out all the words and match them to the right pictures and words?


Rhyming words - This is a fun game for you to play with one of the adults in your house. Don't forget that rhyming words sound the same at the end!



Log into Bug Club and read the following books:-


Duck and the balloon

Get the map


*Top tip for Mums and Dads* Helping your child to read can be a bit daunting sometimes. Here is a helpful video clip for you to watch which shows you how to help your child to blend sounds together when reading (this technique can also be used when spelling words too). We hope you find it helpful


Here is a fun Alphablocks programme that shows blending letter sounds using the letters s,a,t,p, i and n



Mental Maths

Practice your counting to 20. Count forwards and backwards. Can you start counting from a different number? You could try counting slowly and quickly, loudly and quietly. Maybe you could even try counting even further than 20? Let your teacher know how you get on.


Time - Times of the Day

Last week you talked with an adult about your day and what you do in the morning, afternoon and evening. Have a go at these fun activities to help extend this idea of time.


Time - telling o'clock times

Can you match the o'clock times to the correct clock? Remember when telling an o'clock time the long hand is pointing to 12 to tell us it is o'clock.


Here's a fun song about telling the o'clock time on the clock.


Adding within 10

Have a go at the fun dinosaur adding page. Please note, if your child is finding this difficult try using some practical materials such as pasta, Lego bricks or counters to help them work out the answers.


You might also like to have a go at adding on one more. You can find this activity below with your worksheets.


Counting fun

Look for the different dinosaurs and colour them in. Then count them carefully. How many are there? Which dinosaur had the biggest number? Which had the smallest number?


Problem solving

Here is a dinosaur problem solving task for you to try. You will find the dinosaurs you need to complete the activity with your worksheets below. There are spicy levels for you to choose from for this activity.


The problem - One foggy morning Sam looked out of his window. He couldn't see his dinosaurs, he could only see their legs! Can you help Sam work out which dinosaurs he could be looking at?


Spicy level mild - Sam could see 4 dinosaur legs. Which ones could they be?

Spicy level hot - Sam could see 6 dinosaur legs. Which ones could they be?

Spicy level extra hot - Sam could see 8 dinosaur legs. Which ones could they be?


Here are your worksheets. Don't worry if you can't print them out.

Other activities

This week we are beginning our new topic of DINOSAURS! We are going to start off by looking at the T-Rex and learning some cool facts about them.


Have an adult help you read the facts about the T.Rex. You might even like to print the sheet out and colour it in.


Here are some videos to watch so you can learn some more interesting things about the T.Rex. I wonder how many facts you can remember?


Andy's Dinosaur Adventures -

Buddy learns about T-Rex traits -


Or check out the cool Dinosaur fact file on the Dinosaur Train website. You will need to click the search button to find the T. Rex!


Dinosaur bones

Dinosaurs lived a really long time ago and are now EXTINCT! All that is left are their bones. Have a go at making a dinosaur skeleton picture using pasta. You could use an outline of a dinosaur to help you or just have a go at making your own dinosaur shapes. Here are some examples to help guide you.



Dinosaur Shadow Art

With all the lovely sunshine we've been having you could try some shadow art. All you need are some dinosaurs, paper, pencils and some sunshine! Then just draw around the dinosaurs shadows. Don't worry if you don't have any toy dinosaurs, you could try drawing the shadows of any of your toys or different objects.


Here are this weeks stories for you to listen to and enjoy


Mrs. Williamson reads Harry and the dinosaurs say "Raahh!"


Mrs. McNirlan reads


Mrs. Gavero reads Bear Wants More



Sing-a-long and learn some new dinosaur names in the 'Dinosaur Rap'


Keep practising your Sprint Run.

Have some races at home. Perhaps you could pretend to be running away from a T-Rex!! You need to be quick!

The steps are shown below.  An adult will help you make sure you're moving the best you can.


Just for fun!


Here is a fun science experiment you might like to try!