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Week 8

  P1 Zoom Scavenger hunt


Anyone up for some fun?? We'd love to see you all and have a bit of fun together. We have missed you so much!  We are going to run a Scavenger hunt on Zoom for the P1s.  It's sooooo exciting!!


The Zoom session is going to be this Wednesday 27th May at 1.00pm. 


If you are interested in joining us then send Mrs Williamson an email to get the details (whether in Mrs Williamson's class or not). Emails need to be received by 10am on Wednesday so they can be processed in time. (there are three L's in my name on this)


Week 8


Welcome to Week 8 of our home learning! The P1 teachers want to let you know that we are super proud of you all for all the hard work you've been doing at home so far! We have loved seeing all your photos and hearing about the things you've been getting up to. Don't forget to check in on your own class page to see what all your friends have been doing too.

This week we are continuing with our exciting topic - 'DINOSAURS'. We are so glad to see the fun you have been having! 

Please find below this weeks activities, we hope you enjoy them 


MONDAY IS A BANK HOLIDAY- Please take a day away from school work and enjoy time together at home. 

** Parents and adults - please make note of the new section at the bottom of our page - Weekly work archive - We have started to archive our weekly work so that you can look back and revisit different things if needs be. We hope you will find this helpful - P1 teachers



High frequency word of the week is :- made


Phonics - Now we have learnt all of our letter sounds we will be revising them each week with some different activities.


Log into your Education City account. Use the alphabet game to revise each letter sound, the letter formation and also learn some words that begin with each sound. This can be found by clicking on Subjects-Literacy-P1-Topic Tools-Alphabet


Dinosaurs Love Underpants- Click on the link below to listen to Mrs. Gavero read this story.


Spelling words with 'a' as the middle letter - You might like to begin using magnetic letters (or make little letter cards) to spell cat, van, sad, tap before you complete the worksheet or if you are unable to print it out. Remember to listen carefully for each sound and find the letter you need.


*For this activity there are 3 pages to choose from. Pick one to complete or if your are feeling really good, have a go at all 3!!

Write a sentence - Now you have had lots of opportunities to 'Build a sentence' you are going to write a sentence. We will write sentences using tricky words and words we can spell using phonics.


Have a go at writing the sentence- I made a bun.

Remember to think about capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. You might even be able to use your phonics to sound out and spell the words. Have a think about your tricky words too!  

Letter formation - This week we are going to practice forming the letters - m, k, p  (please see page 2 of attachment only). Remember all these letters start with a straight line which then goes back up and over. Don't forget to hold your pencil correctly too - Nip, Flip and Grip!!


Language page - Have a go at this week's language page from Phonics Bug. Remember to sound each word out carefully. Can you sound out all the words and match them to the right pictures and words? Also this week you are asked to read and draw. Remember to sound out each letter and blend them together.


Here are your worksheets to try. Don't worry if you can't print them out though!



Log into Bug Club and read the following books:-


Sarah's Tap Shoes

Pop! Pop! Pop!


*Top tip for Mums and Dads* Helping your child to read can be a bit daunting sometimes. Here is a helpful video clip for you to watch which shows you how to help your child to blend sounds together when reading (this technique can also be used when spelling words too). We hope you find it helpful


Here is a fun Alphablocks programme that sings the alphabet song and has some fun with letters a-z



Mental Maths

Bunny Ears- 

Give your child a number and they use their fingers to show the number. They must have their hands on their head like bunny ears so they cannot see their fingers.



 Have a look at a 1p coin. Which number can you see on the coin? What colour is it? What pictures and words are on the coin? What shape is it?


This week we are going to have a look at the 1p coin. Below is a link to a toy shop game. The children are asked to use 1p coins to pay for a variety of toys.

Maybe you could make some price tags for your own toys and have your own toy shop at home.



Adding within 10

Have a go at this fun animal adding game

 Please note, if your child is finding this difficult try using some practical materials such as pasta, Lego bricks or counters to help them work out the answers. You can use the part-part-whole mat to help. This time put on each part and move all of the objects into the 'whole' area.



Counting fun

Oh no! Some of the numbers are missing. Can you fix the dinosaur's numberline and write in the missing numbers?

Please find the worksheet below.


Length- Measuring using non standard units.

Non-standard units are used by children in Foundation Stage (P1 and P2) to introduce very young children to the concept of measuring without them having to read any scales. Reading scales of any kind is a challenging skill in itself, so the idea of non-standard measures is to focus the child on the concept of heavier, lighter, longer, shorter, etc. before they move onto the next step of measuring using standard units.

This activity will focus on taller and shorter.

Please find the worksheet below.


Maybe you would like to measure some other objects in your house using the eggs- a pencil, a toy, a fork.




Here are your worksheets. Don't worry if you can't print them out.

Other activities

This week we are going to look at the Triceratops and learning some cool facts about them.



Have an adult help you read the facts about the Triceratops. 


Here are some videos to watch so you can learn some more interesting things about the Triceratops. I wonder how many facts you can remember?


Andy's Dinosaur Adventures


Or check out the cool Dinosaur fact file on the Dinosaur Train website. You will need to click the search button to find the Triceratops!

Shape Dinosaur

Can you make a dinosaur using 2D shapes?


Click on the link below to print out shapes to use.



Junk Art Dinosaur

Can you make a dinosaur using junk art materials from your recycling bin. Remember to send a picture of your dinosaur to your teacher and she will put it on your class page.




Here are this weeks stories for you to listen to and enjoy


Mrs. Williamson reads


Mrs. McNirlan reads Dave's Breakfast Blast Off!


Mrs. Gavero reads Dinosaurs Love Underpants


Sing-a-long and learn some new dinosaur names in the 'Dinosaur Rap'


Here is a lovely radio programme all about dinosaurs. It is all about moving like dinosaurs.

Can you stomp like a dinosaur too?


Today Cat Sandion is stomping with dinosaurs and hears a story about a very shy dinosaur called Maggie.

Keep practising your Sprint Run.

I am sure you are all doing great! We would love to see some videos of you practising your running. 






Superhero challenge 

Make sure you check out the exciting superhero challenge on the whole school learning section too...Mrs Graham has a wonderful video message on there for you to watch.