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GEOGRAPHY- MY LOCAL AREA- in this worksheet you need to write what you see,hear, smell and taste in your local area- you can also draw a picture of what you have chosen.



Why not create a Non-Chronological report about your local area of Dundonald, Newtownards, Conlig, Bangor? Wherever you are you could research your local area and create an impressive information text.


All you need to do is get a large page, think of your title and make sure it is bright, bold and stands out from the rest of the text.

Then think of a few sub-titles so you can organise your information into paragraphs.

These can be anything you like but here are a few suggestions that you could write about:

- History

- Local shops and businesses

- Events that happen throughout the year in your community

- Any charities that run in your community

- Your favourite place

- Different areas

- so many more you can choose some of these or think of many of your own. 


Below are some examples of information texts created by KS2 children on other topics to give you some ideas. Remeber this is an OPTIONAL challenge :) Enjoy.