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P6 Literacy 2nd February

Poetry competition Lesson 1

As part of Children's Mental Health week, we will be writing poetry using the theme "Express Yourself". Find out more by watching today's video!


This week's sound is "i" e.g. history, hymn, build


Download this week's PowerPoint to find out more about the "i" sound.  Then download this week's "Words for Sorting" (choose either the higher level or the lower level) and the "Phonics - homework tasks" worksheet.


We are going to follow the same pattern as we would normally do in school so...


Tuesday  Today I have to sort the words on my list to find out which words contain the same spelling of the target sound.

Wednesday  Today I use some of my words to write sentences (at least four sentences).

Thursday  Decide which spellings are hard to remember and find a way to learn them.


On Friday you can ask an adult to test you on this week's spellings.

Happy Tuesday P6!


If you watched last Friday's Brooklands Assembly,

you'll know ALL about the brilliant poetry competition

our P6s and P7s are being asked to enter this week! 


We are taking TWO days - today and tomorrow, Wednesday -

at this task, to make sure your poem is well-spelt,

grammatically correct and interesting to read! 


If you are ready to start click the link BELOW to go to

the special page created on this website

called 'P6-P7 Poetry Competition'.


If you've been hiding under a rock and are completely confused...

BEFORE you click the link watch the videos below to find out everything about the competition and

our whole-school special events for

'Children's Mental Health Week'.


See you over on the other page!


Mr Henry 

Joel M for AWARE's children's mental health poetry competition

Exciting news 🤩We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Northern Ireland's most-followed magician and rising social media star, Joel M as part o...

Brooklands Assembly 29th January 2021

Scroll through last Friday's assembly until you see Mr Henry's introduction to our poetry competition!

Don't forget to log-in to BugClub today 

Aim to read for at least 15 minutes each day please.