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P6 Literacy 5th February

Friday - let's finish off this week's tasks!

Linguistic phonics - "i" sound

It's Friday so it's dictation day!  Download the dictation page for your group and then ask an adult to read out the sentences on the answer page.  As they read out each sentence (at least two or three times please), fill in the missing words.  Good luck!

Don't forget to spend at least 15 minutes each day doing some reading please!  You should be aiming to finish at least 1 book from your BugClub library every week.  Click here to log in to your BugClub account.

Main activity

Catch-up/Finish off Day

Your teachers are so pleased with the excellent entries we have received for the Poetry Competition where you could win an amazing Amazon Voucher. However there are lots of you who are still working on your poem. So take today to check it, maybe make some changes and then finish it off. Click on the link below to access the Poetry competition web page to get some useful tips to help you finish off your poem. Remember to email it to your teacher by Monday to make sure you are in with a chance to win the prize.




So if you have finished your poem, checked it carefully and then emailed it to your teacher, why not take the time to finish off your non- chronological report you started yesterday of the person at home who you gathered information about. Your teachers would love to read your report.


Once this is done, finish off the day with seeing how many of the pairs of antonyms you can find on the monster wordsearch.  

Time for some fun

To finish today's Literacy tasks, try playing the Verb Viper game!   This is a fun game in which you need to think about the tenses of verbs. Who can be top of the leaderboard?

Verb Viper!