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I love science! And I love making things! And I love conducting experiments!!! And in this lesson you get to do all three! Now don't worry this isn't any sort of a crazy experiment that is going to cause any sort of a danger or an explosion!!! - That's for next week!!! However, you do still have to be careful and do everything sensibly and carefully and I would recommend adult supervision.


The hand is often quicker than the eye and I have proved it with my wonderful magic in the video above! Have a watch of the video located below. Listen carefully to the instructions and then make a similar thaumotrope or phenakistoscope ... or make an entirely different one! Your pictures that you draw could perhaps follow a theme - Marvel, Liverpool, Star Wars or my personal favourite ... My Little Pony!


Mrs Massey is going to love this work as well ... at least I hope she will because she is going to be helping me!!! I wonder how much I will have to pay her?! Or maybe she will make me do extra housework!!! I already do loads! 


Have fun with this lesson and I hope it doesn't make your head spin too much!!! Get it???!!!


PS The templates can be found on the right hand side of the video page. They are highlighted in yellow.