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P6 Literacy 3rd February

Poetry competition Lesson 2

Try writing a different type of poem e.g. an acrostic poem or a limerick for our Children's Mental Health Week poetry competition.


This week we are looking at the "i" sound (see Tuesday's Literacy page).  For today's activity, choose some of your words and put them into sentences of your own (at least four sentences please).


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Poetry competition Day 2!

Acrostic Poem Template

It's Wednesday!

The middle of the week already!


Today we are continuing with the Aware NI Poetry Competition

for P6 and P7 pupils as part of Children's Mental Health Week!


How did you get on yesterday? What type of poem did you choose?

Did you check spelling, grammar and punctuation?

Have you used impressive vocabulary, descriptive phrases

and included reference to your thoughts and feelings?


Click the link BELOW to go to

the special page created on this website

called 'P6-P7 Poetry Competition'.

There are plenty of ideas, tips and suggestions

for you to read, watch and listen to over there!


If for some reason you are just joining in today...great!

But BEFORE you click the link,  please watch the videos below to find out everything about the competition and

our whole-school special events for

Children's Mental Health Week.


See you over on the other page!


  Mr Henry 

Joel M for AWARE's children's mental health poetry competition

Exciting news 🤩We are delighted to be working in collaboration with Northern Ireland's most-followed magician and rising social media star, Joel M as part o...

Brooklands Assembly 29th January 2021

Fast forward through last Friday's assembly until you come to the part where Mr Henry introduces our P6-P7 poetry competition!

PlayLive Words!

What a wonderful start to the week!  It's very tight at the top of our leaderboard so log in to EducationCity and let's see who is on top spot by the end of today!